birth - baby girl Mazal Tov - ב״ה Mazal Tov to our Rabbi & Rebbetzin on the birth of a granddaughter Emunah Bracha and daughter to their children Sarah and Arele Eichler in New York. Mazal Tov to the Grandparents Rabbi Meir & Leah Eichler (NY) and to the Great-grandparents Mrs. Lilly Riesenberg (Sydney), Mrs. Ruti Chein & Mrs. Schechter (NY)
Date For 14th AGM - The date for the forthcoming AGM is on Tuesday 4 February 2020. Please diarise the date. 
visiting sick Visiting the Sick and Bereaved - If anyone in your family or friends is sick or bereaved and would like a visit from Rabbi Riesenberg, please contact the Shule Office on 9532 9180