Special General Meeting Update

The Special General Meeting was held on Tuesday night 19th June for the specific purpose of attending to certain matters related, in the main, to the structure of the Shule Committee.  The information circularised to Shule members covered this exhaustively and so it is not repeated here.  Full details are contained in the notices calling the SGM.  

I would like to express my thanks and that of the committee and others that helped us for the incredible demonstration of support as Central Shule works its way through these challenges, all with the purpose of emerging stronger at the end, fully representing the wishes of the membership and able to deliver on its values of promoting Jewishness, increased observance, education and a sense of community without the distractions of the past two years.  Your support is very much appreciated and is never taken for granted.  

Between members attending on the night and those submitting proxies, there were 319 voters.  The percentage in favour of all resolutions exceeded 99%.  There can be no doubt as to the direction that the Central Shule members want Central Shule to go.  

I hope that everybody will now allow Central Shule to move forward and leave the recent events behind us which is where they well and truly belong. 

Shabbat Shalom


Phil Goldman

President – Central Shule