Rabbi’s Weekly Message

3 April 2020 / 9 Nissan 5780

Dear Friends

Rabbi Yisroel Taub was the first Rebbe of the Modzitz dynasty. This Chassidic dynasty began in Poland in the 18th century and was exemplified with their Rebbe’s great gift for musical compositions. Their leaders composed many inspiring and beautiful Chassidic melodies. The Chassidim believed that these melodies had a sublime power and to this day are sung in their Chassidic courts around the world.

The story is told of the fourth Modzitzcher Rebbe, Rabbi Shmeul Yedidia Taub. During the Nazi invasion of Europe, he was in the Vilna Ghetto. Everyone was fearful of what the days to come would bring. One time a Yid confronted him walking calmly and singing a song of praise and thanks to Hashem. When asked “How could you sing at a time like this ?!” He responded “I have fears like everyone, but I decided why should I worry and fear the whole day. I decided to put all my worries and fears into my little snuffbox. Once a day I open it for 15 minutes and I reflect on all my worries and fears. Then I close it, so the rest of the day I am stress free and can give thanks to a Hashem for all the goodness in my life!”

It’s a timely story particularly during these challenging times. In the Parsha this week we speak about the Thanksgiving offering that is brought in the Temple; it is one of the few offerings that continue to this day with the “Benching of Gommel“. Tradition has it that this offering will continue until Moshiach arrives. The reason is that no matter what the circumstance, there is always an opportunity to thank Hashem for the goodness in our lives. 

In addition to the adherence to all current government regulations, may I suggest that at this time there are four matters we should consider: 

1) The gentlemen should join our twice daily (8.00am and 7.00pm) Zoom Minyanim*  

2) The giving of Tzedokah is something everyone can do – even our children. Please make a habit of putting a few coins into a Pushka every day or consider giving a donation to the RDF * 

The great Jewish mystic, the Baal Shem Tov, who lived in 17th century Ukraine, when a plague was raging in his time, he instructed that a communal Sefer Torah be written which has the power to unite all Jewry through Torah. He also encouraged the saying of the chapter of Tehillim that corresponds to one’s forthcoming age.

Therefore, in consideration of the above:   

 3) Buy a letter in the Australian communal Sefer Torah* 

4) Say the chapter of Tehillim that corresponds to one’s forthcoming age *   

May Hashem remove this scourge from humanity and bring our long awaited Moshiach, speedily in our times.

May you and your family have good Health.

*Please see fliers and links in the newsletter for these items.

Gut Shabbas

Rabbi and Sheyna Riesenberg