Death, Consecrations and Yahrzeit

The mitzvah of “leviyat hamet”, burying the dead, is considered one of the greatest in Judaism in that it is an act that cannot be repaid by the beneficiary. The traditions of honouring the dead and taking care of their needs are spelled out in great detail and demonstrate love and respect for the deceased.

In the event of a Death

  1. Obtain the Death Certificate of your deceased from the doctor or hospital
  2. Contact the Melbourne Chevra Kadisha on (03) 9534 0208 (24 hour phone line)
  3. Contact  Rabbi Riesenberg directly to officiate the funeral on 0425 763 333

Please contact Rabbi Riesenberg directly to discuss arrangements for a consecration.

Central Shule provides all members with a Yahrzeit service where we send reminders via mail to the family of the deceased’s Yahrzeit date.

Please download the form below and return to the Central Shule Office.

Download Death & Yahrzeit Form

Return by Mail
Please return the completed Form to:

Central Shule Office
4 Maple St
South Caulfield, VIC 3162

Return by Fax
Please fax the completed Form to: (03) 9532 8736

Return by Email
Please scan the completed Form and email to: