Current Yahrzeits

The Yahrzeit day indicated begins the night before and concludes at sunset the following day. Therefore, to say Kaddish you must come to Ma’ariv on the previous night and / or Shacharis on the Yahrzeit day.


Friday 22nd March 2019 - 15 Adar-II  5779

Monica Simon (Malka bat Eliyahu) – Mother of Martin Simon and Shelley Jacobson


Saturday 23rd March 2019 - 16 Adar-II  5779

Marcus Grusd (Mordechai Svi ben Yacov) – Father of Anthony Grusd

Abe Sandler (Abba ben Shmuel) – Father of Marlene Prag


Sunday 24th March 2019 - 17 Adar-II  5779

Alwyn Sherman (Chona Av ben Rachmiel) – Father of Slade Sherman


Thursday 28th March 2019 - 21 Adar-II  5779

Judy Miller (Yehudit bat Pessa) – Mother of Frank Miller


Friday 29th March 2019 - 22 Adar-II  5779

Robert (Bob) Davis (Abraham) – Father of Rebe Grosman

Louis Fisher (Leib ben Hillel) – Father of Clive Fisher

Ryan Segal (Shalom Yisrael ben Zalman) – Son of Shelley Segal

George Wallis (Gidalyi) – Father of Bunny Wald