Current Yahrzeits

The Yahrzeit day indicated begins the night before and concludes at sunset the following day. Therefore, to say Kaddish you must come to Ma’ariv on the previous night and / or Shacharis on the Yahrzeit day. 


Friday 17 January 2020 Ÿ 20 Tevet 5780

Leon Bryer (Leib ben Baruch) - Uncle of Lesley Miller

Judy Klibansky (Yehudit) – Mother of Barry Klibansky


Saturday 18 January 2020 Ÿ 21 Tevet 5780

Mary Hodesch Lam (Miriam bat Dov & Bulisa) – Mother of Alicia Whitehorn


Sunday 19 January 2020 Ÿ 22 Tevet 5780

Doreen Hurwitz (Devorah bat Yehuda) – Mother of Kathryn Bloom

Rebecca Levy – Mother of Ethel Shapiro


Monday 20 January 2020 Ÿ 23 Tevet 5780

Lesley-Ann Adno – Sister of Colin Adno

Harold Callis – Father of Shayne Callis


Tuesday 21 January 2020 Ÿ 24 Tevet 5780

Solly Green (Shalom ben Israel) – Father of Max Green                            


Thursday 23 January 2020 Ÿ 26 Tevet 5780

Myrna Joyce Grup (Mascha bat Zacharia) – Wife of Leon Grup and mother of Robyn Dimant